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Interaction Design is the main part of my works and can be divided into four projects. These projects are student projects that help the audience such as disabled individuals and children to communicate with others. I have more deeply understood and realized the inappropriate aspects of the current world through interdisciplinary research. By doing these projects, I realized some of my ideas and have been one step further to achieving my ultimate goal of exploring the world and benefiting everyone's life through my design.

MUSIO: The most interesting project for me is an iOS application called MUSIO which is designed for deaf people. When I was volunteering at the Disabled Children’s Welfare Home, I found that children have much more curious hearts for new things compared to adults. They try to get to know the world through all of their senses, seeing with their eyes and touching with their body. However, most kids in the Welfare Home are aurally impaired. They cannot hear people’s talking or music, and thus cannot feel the happiness brought by music like we can. This provoked me to design a music application for them. I target both aurally impaired and normal people from six years old to adult. In fact, many people with good hearing abilities don’t play musical instruments. They only listen to music, but cannot feel the joy of playing music by themselves. My application expresses music using visual language. Each music note is represented by a color, and the size of the symbols represents the rhythm. When music is played, the user can feel the rhythm by clicks following the changing symbols. The application also has a social function. I found that it is more difficult for disabled people to make friends, so I added this function wishing to help them meet their peers and connect.

MUSIO Device: What's more, I developed this project into a MUSIO exploratory interactive device, which was extended from the second one. The input is still an iPhone or iPad, but output is different. Instead of only feeling the music through abstract symbols in the application, people can also inspect the music through actual physical interfaces such as light in this device. I incorporated the “Kinetografie” dance symbol system proposed by the German expressionist dance artist Rudolf von Laban. Laban thinks that every part of the human body can be broken down into parts and that dance can be tokenized. I incorporate the twelve keys in an octave with dance symbols, producing a new way of music visualization. Thus, a piece of dance choreography is produced as a piece of music is played on this device.

Numbers Game: Another important project of Interactive Design is a Numbers Game. Many children are not fans of numbers and mathematics, because they think these are boring and tedious. I tried to make numbers look cute by turning them into circular shapes based on certain patterns. In this game you guess the number based on given image. The given image is a combination of interpretations of two numbers, and the user would guess what the two original numbers are. This game helps children develop their logical thinking abilities, visual and spatial perception, cognitive abilities and other skills.

Sweet Maker: is an online website called Sweet Maker, which is inspired by western family activities programs. People today are busy with work in modern society. School and children's activities make it difficult for families to carve out quality time together. Spending time together helps families reconnect with each other as well as create lasting memories. In the family activities programs, mothers understand the importance of family time and share their favorite family activities, which greatly inspired me. Therefore, I designed a cake shop, which provides family activities. Parents can make cakes, play games and eat together with their kids. I made a website for this cake shop. The whole website incorporates a hand-painted style, which makes it more colorful and fun. I believe it is attractive to both children and their parents.




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