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Branding is much more than just a name or a logo. I see brand as possibility because I believe that brands today represent a bigger, emotionally centered idea that can shape desire, shift demand, and drive growth. They are kind of physical, digital, behavioral in visual aspect. What's more, I think an essential part of branding design is to tell the stories and experiences just using simple graphics, and I wish to uncover the power of brands as a truly transformational force by my design.

Women In STEM: Women In STEM is a non-profit branding design that to encourage women to pay more attention to STEM fields. After I heard the story of Ada Lovelace who is the daughter of British poet Lord Byron, a mathematician, a computer program founder, and established the concept of the cycle and subroutines, I realized that women in STEM fields could make great achievements as well as men. However, over the past few decades, the number of female staff dropped rapidly in STEM fields. So I tried to build an organization. My goal is to raise awareness regarding this growing problem and encourage more women to work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. What's more, Women In STEM is developed from a public intervention exercise: Interacting with people on the street using a question card, and giving them another card as a gift in return afterwards, creating a conversation and providing a means for interaction. The project evolved into a social impact design campaign through exchanging cards. By holding an art exhibition around this theme, the campaign seeks to engage and provide relevancy for women, whatever their jobs are, and make them interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

Rx EASY: Rx EASY is a medical services company I built for non-English speaking patients to help them to take medicine in a simple way, and ensure safe consumption of medication in US. All vital information in words that relate to the medicine are transferred into simple graphics, and people will easily understand in this way no matter which country he or she comes from. Just so you know, I am a person who speak English as the second language. For the first few months after I came to San Francisco, I found that it is not easy for me to order food in restaurants because most of restaurants don’t provide a menu with pictures, and I felt upset sometimes when I ordered wrong, but luckily I am still healthy after eating some dissatisfying food. However, I thought it might be a huge problem when foreigners take the medicine. In order to ensure safe medication, I built this visual system, so patients can easily understand how to take their medicine by clear pictograms depicting vital information such as dosage amounts, timings, and medicine types.

As we have already had the standardized sign systems in many ways, like road throughout the world, there should be a globalization visual system in the medical field. I hope this project could be the beginning of future for this issue.

Logo Creative Cards: With the rapid development of modern society and commercial business, identity is supposed to adapt to the current pace and take some necessary changes. Some Japanese identities I saw are very good at this. In their identity works, a thing is not just a thing any more; every simple graphic becomes a set of visual system via change. That inspired me of the vast possibilities behind each logo. Based on a single figure, I performed different transformations and changes to express a logo in 25 different ways, which ended up as this set of “Logo creative cards”.




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