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Typography is a very exciting and fun field to me. It seems to me that there are unlimited possibilities to typography. Fonts differ according to its implementation and occasion. I am good at designing typography and I hope to improve people’s feeling towards typography and their living method through my design. I aim to give people new visual experience about typography and have created three relevant projects.

Creative Words: After seeing the work of former Google creative director Ji Lee about creative words, I was deeply attracted and had more passion and ideas about typography. I found that there is unique character and nature in each word, therefore I wanted to exercise my ability to give different visual solutions to each word, and the ability to produce expressive images with simple figures. A word is no longer a simple word; rather, it becomes an interesting object.

Water Soluble Font: I wanted to explore the effect of combining the two completely different things sometimes. I tried not to be limited in traditional visual ways of designing, and brought more inter-disciplinary things into my design. Besides, I created the Soluble Font project because I noticed the beauty of paint slowly melting and settling in the water while doing watercolor painting, with a mesh of filaments. There are also patches of precipitation, forming a natural point-line-surface shape. Based on this, I designed a set of creative fonts.

Creative Typeface: The inspiration of this project comes from paperclip and neon light. I wanted to explore the effect of combining the two completely different things. I tried not to be limited in traditional visual ways of designing, and brought some inter-disciplinary things into my design.




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