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Graphic Design with a simplistic style which is not simple to achieve, but it is my favorite. The goal of the Graphic Design project is to communicate as much information as possible with simple visual language. Simplicity is also the trend of the development of interactive design. Graphic design is a significant part of my portfolio, as it exercises my ability to tell a story with a graph. The following three projects represent my understandings of graphic design.

Logo Creative Cards: With the rapid development of modern society and commercial business, identity is supposed to adapt to the current pace and take some necessary changes. Some Japanese identities I saw are very good at this. In their identity works, a thing is not just a thing any more; every simple graphic becomes a set of visual system via change. That inspired me of the vast possibilities behind each logo. Based on a single figure, I performed different transformations and changes to express a logo in 25 different ways, which ended up as this set of “Logo creative cards”.

Abstract Architecture: The Abstract Architecture project is inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Neo-Plasticism. His early experimentation with Cubism, the Grey Tree completed in 1911, gave me much inspiration. I think apart from the structure, architecture also needs a sense of art or something mysterious. I collected some information about national culture and historical background of several nations, made them into corresponding elements, and finally formed this set of poster of abstract architectural design.

Minimalistic Animation Poster: Minimalism has always been a challenge for me. I think it is also a general challenge in designing, because minimalism is about taking the essence, getting rid of the unnecessary visualizations and leaving only the most fundamental things. This greatly tests the designer’s generalization capability, and that is why I made my Minimalistic Animation Poster project.

Creativity Project, I did some interesting projects regarding creativity and I believe in changing the world with creativity. It is not only about design, but also about the communications between human and the whole world. I love working on creative projects, sometimes I do it just for fun.

Photo Creativity: And as for the photos in particular, I try to add my own design ideas into common things in daily life, making small things change into different styles and transforming plain pictures into creative ones. It is my ability to tell stories that I change ordinary pictures into something I want to express.




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