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Sweet Maker is a home-make cake shop which I built for American families. This project is inspired by western family activities programs. People today are busy with work in modern society. School and children's activities make it difficult for families to carve out quality time together. Spending time together helps families reconnect with each other as well as create lasting memories. In the family activities programs, mothers understand the importance of family time and share their favorite family activities. I was inspired by these programs. Therefore, I designed a cake shop which provides family activities. Parents can make cakes, play games and eat together with their kids. I made a website for this cake shop. The whole website incorporates a hand-painted style, which makes it more colorful and fun. I believe it is attractive to both children and their parents.


1. Foster By Grandparents

"Across the United States, nearly 7.8 million children are living in homes with grandparents nowadays, 4.9 million live in grand­parent-headed households and 2.6 million live in homes where the grandparents say they are the primary caregivers."said by Amy Goyer, AARP’s expert on multigenerational and family issues, adding that 1 million children living with a grandparent do not have either parent in the house at all.

2. Work Too Much

Research by Dr. Carol Devine and colleagues in the Division of Nutritional Sciences and Department of Human Development at Cornell University shows how the working conditions affect family food choices. Most U.S. parents are employed, and weekly work hours have increased among two-earner couples, single mothers, the poor, the pressures on parents’ food choices have great impact on the nutrition and health status of their children. 

3. Eat Outside With Junk Food

Research by the National Center for Social Research, how the working conditions of parents affect family food choices. In the majority of two-parent families one or both parents frequently worked atypical hours. Fathers' frequent atypical work was more closely linked to financial necessity and job insecurity, or career ambition and long working hours. Family activities were more likely to be limited by work. Long working hours and Sunday work 
seem to cause the greatest disruption to family life: parents with these working patterns were more likely than others to say that work limited their engagement in family activities.

Sweet Maker Solution

Target User
Young parents who wish spend more time and do more activities with their child (aged 6-18 ).

User Scenario
Spending too much time at work; Long-term foster child in grandparents' house; Have to eat outside.

Sweet Maker Goals

Eat together as a family;

 Play games with your kids; 

Seek out one-on-one activity opportunity; 

Let your kids help you with housework;

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