Happiness Archive


Happiness Archive is a series of engagements and explorations that use type, image, and sound to evoke feelings from contentment to joy, inspiring better everyday experiences.

The exhibition has three sections: Text+Possibility, Image+Observation, and Sound+Imagination. Using semi-closed space where invites visitors to stop, gives them a physical experience through graphic design works. It was on display at the Decker Gallery as part of MICA Grad Show 2017.

Text+Possibility is a dictionary of happiness that presents multiple ways to approach happiness through collecting and organizing moments of delight from various people. It was installed as a participatory wall in the exhibition space, inviting people to respond and add more moments.


Image+Observation is a soundless video comprises a series of scenes captured and framed from nature and the built environment. Prioritizing slowness over speed, mundaneness over novelty, the video aims to inspire people to notice the beauty of their surroundings.

Sound+Imagination is a video that elicits joy from daily objects and sounds, encouraging people to appreciate mundane things that we interact with everyday.

March 2017